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Signature Service

PACS All-Inclusive Prep to Post In-House Accounting Service

PACS Signature Service is our all-inclusive package that can fulfill all of your production accounting needs - from prep to post - right from our corporate offices. Partnering with PACS for your production accounting needs saves you money and frees you to focus on the production.

This signature service provides you with all of the professional accounting tasks incumbent upon an accounting department. We ensure that all of the necessary financial responsibilities of the production are successfully completed according to industry standards.

Pre-production services include:

  • Working with the producer to ensure the accuracy of the budget
  • Prepare a weekly cash flow analysis
  • Tax incentive paperwork
  • Set up accounting software

During production, our services include:

  • Purchase order processing
  • Accounts Payable
  • Review, audit and reconcile petty cash expenses; bank and p-card/credit card statements
  • Process union and non-union payroll according to state and union guidelines
  • Provide weekly cost reports
  • 1099 Processing
  • Keep track of your expenses to make sure you stay on budget
  • Identify underages and overages
  • Daily runner services to pick up paperwork

Post-Production services include:

  • Pay outstanding bills
  • Continue to pay staff and crew until the project is complete
  • Handle final reconciliation
  • Finalize tax incentive requirements (i.e. incentives audit)
  • Offer a seamless transition back to your team

Our professional team of competent and ethical production accountants will manage your project and give you the same concise, timely reporting that productions everywhere need and have come to expect from Hollywood-trained accountants like PACS.

PACS All-Inclusive/In-house Accounting saves you money!

When you hire PACS, we allow you to realize cost savings by offering accounting services remotely from our corporate office. Save money using PACS on expenses and incidentals like:

  • Office space (saving on square footage in renting)
  • Renting/purchasing furniture (including cubicles, desks, chairs, computers, printers, etc.
  • Relocating accountants from out of town (saving money on airfare, hotel and ground transportation)